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We have developed a system which will allow you to blast your advert to tens of thousands of people daily (Millions monthly!) by sending your advert to 5073 safelists AND Hundreds of new safe lists are being added monthly. It is all fully Opt-in! This is posting to all members of all 5073 safelists hosted on

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Over 250,000 Members. It will revolutionize the way in which auto submitters work, No longer will you need to wait around for hours while your safe list submitter posts nor will you need to manually join hundreds of safe lists! This is every marketers dream come true! No more slaving for hours joining and posting to safe lists. Grab Your Submitter Today! Join Now

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Email more than 500,000+ TARGETED prospects EVERY MONTH! (100% Opt-in). Nowhere else on the Internet is it possible to deliver your bulk email ad to so many people at such a low cost and completely spam free!

Business World List (Wow!) Free/Pro
Quickly Expose Your Products, Websites, Or Other Offers To Over 44,869 Prospects Worldwide And Instantly Improve Any Business!
Herculist (Must) Free/Pro/Gold
Members Power for your business. Herculist is the answer to all your internet marketing needs.
Safelister (Must) Free/Pro
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Since the list is TOTALLY FREE to use, it WILL grow large very quickly! Now is the time to promote and get your referrals and FREE SEND CREDITS!
Ad Tactics (Traffic!) Free/Pro
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"The most RESPONSIVE Advertising System on the Internet!"
Safelist Magic (Growing Fast) Free/Pro
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Members in 2 months. The World's FIRST 2x100 Deep Forced Matrix This will be the largest and fastest growing Safelist on the planet!
ListFire (Down line Builder) Free/Pro
With, you can have thousands of people building you a targeted, double-opt-in list (that means 100% SPAM Free) around the clock. (Incredible)
Auto-mail 75 Million Targeted Opt-In Prospects Every Month Using The Worlds Most Astonishing "Set And Forget" Technology!!"  Submit to 1,735,186 Engines and Directories! - Blast to 33,434+ Classified Ad Pages! - Get listed in 1,800 Newspapers and Magazines! - Blast to 1,410,781 Different Link Pages! Get listed on 600+ Bonus Websites! - Submit your ad to 539,042+ Ezine Readers! Banner Exchanges, Hit Exchanges - 6000+ Business Exploding Ebooks! 1200+ How-to Books & Business Reports! For Click Here

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