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- By Michael Filsaime

Dear Marketer,

know what you are thinking. You are sick and tired of all the junk out on the internet. All of these old and garbage ebook products. You wish there was one place that had EVERYTHING you need. No junk like so many other high price low value products. One place that you could login to at any time to get just what you are looking for. A place the adds new items almost weekly!

But where would you find this. You would have to weed thru dozens of sales pages. Surf the internet for days and weeks. Make purchases for single items only to find out, it SUCKS, and it is not what you wanted any way.

I Was Not Happy...

I myself was sick an tired of all of the junk I saw online. Trust me... my hard drive is full of crap. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I mean, how much more did I have to take, Over and over again I was let down.

I would make a purchase and find out it was old, or worse yet.. did not work!

I spent months weeding thru all of the best products on the internet. Every time I had a chance to buy any great product with resale rights I did. I compiled my OWN products and software. I even made deals with HUGE and SUCCESSFUL marketers to add their items to my secret Gem Package.

What happened next was something I was not ready for...

Suddenly... An Over Night Success Story!

This package very quickly became THE MOST POPULAR COLLECTION ANYWHERE on the internet. People have tried to compete with this package, but they quickly found out it can not be done. Not with the Joint Venture I have done to keep getting new products to this package.

You may or may not know my name. But I was able to leave my job as the General Manager of an auto dealer making over $180,000 per year.

I now work from home and I continue to gross over $60,000 to $80,000 in sales each and every month. Many of my sales have come from breaking out this package into incredible offers.

The best pat is, you can use these products for yourself and then break these packages out and make your own mall of products.

Many items in this package can be resold. You could make your money back many times over, each and every day in some cases.

You will see very soon why it is the NUMBER 1 selling package available today.

In fact, the very fact that you are reading this page right now is proof that it is popular. It is no accident that you stumbled on this page. And be glad you did.

Look what one of our happy customers had to say about this package...

"I Was Hooked, I Just Had To Have Your Offer"

"Mike, What a deal you have put together here, it truly is the best ever deal! There I was surfing around the Internet not really in buying mode but once I clapped eyes on The-Best-Ever-Deal! (I was hooked) I just had to have your offer of the latest and best website tools and moneymaking information products available today! What a great job well done! Thanks!"

Charlie Pilgrim


It's What's Inside That Counts

Wait until you see inside the members area. Thousands of very organized super products for you to have access to any time you need.

  • Quality ebooks

  • Unique tools

  • Hard to find scripts

  • Every software tool needed to run your website...

But is gets even better...

...You see, I am NOT done adding packages to The-Best-Deal-Ever, and I will Never STOP. My Promise!...  When a New Collection comes out. I will buy it on the spot and add It to the Bonus Package. I will also continue make Exclusive Joint Venture Offers to add to this Package that you will NEVER find anywhere else.

Today, the buck stops here.

I want you to watch the Watch Video or take the tour of our Grand Library of incredible product...


Proceeding Further Has Caused People To Email Us To Ask If This Is For Real. The package You Are About To See May Make Your Think This Can Not Be Real. We Assure You, This Is Not A Hoax, Scam, Or Misprint. Be Prepared To Get So Excited You Might Even Pull A Muscle Reaching For Your Credit Card...

Software List

Bonus Just Added!
Now Includes


All  9  Packages Are Included
In Your Purchase for just $47.00

Package 1
This site is the only place on the internet
where you can get these exclusive Items.
Real Package Value $497.00
Selling Elsewhere: Not Available


Package 2
I have purchased the rights to sell these items to you.
Most do not come with resale rights.
Real Package Value $399.00


Package 3
This Brand New package is a collection of 10 of the
hottest software products on the market today.
Real Package Value Selling at  $197.00
If Purchased Separately: $970

Package 4
This is one of the most popular packages to bundle great
software to help you maximize profit from your website
Real Package Value Selling at  $37.00
If Purchased Separately: $331.72

Package 5
This is a great new collection of must have tools that you need for your marketing arsenal.
Real Package Value Selling at  $285

Package 6
Master Resale Rights and Mini-Websites for Many of the
LATEST Ebooks, Software  and Marketing Tools!
A Terrific
Range of Products to Enjoy for Yourself and  Sell to others!
Real Package Value Selling at  $47.00

Package 7
This is the most popular resale rights package available on the internet today. Each product sells hundreds of times every day for $37.00 on multiple sites.
Real Package Value Selling at $837.00

Package 8
Web Master Video Series with Resale Rights.
Real Package Value Selling at $594

Bonus Packages
Mason Ramm's Resale Rights Collection Plus
New Bonuses added plus a great Internet MegaPack
resource directory. This package is really priceless.
Real Package Value Selling at $197


Still Can't Believe Your Eyes...  

I would be very surprised. But some people are skeptical that the deal looks too good to be true. Well, I know you may feel that way, so what I want to do to PROVE THAT THIS IS A REAL DEAL, and that you do actually get all you just saw for one low price, I want to show you want some of my members have told me about this package...

Testimonials From Happy Members...

"You Could Have Easily Sold This Package For Hundreds Of Dollars. Heck! It's Worth Thousands."

When I first received your offer for the "Best Deal Ever Package." I immediately knew that it would live up to it name. It was literally a goldmine of priceless info products and up to date software applications. You could have easily sold this package for hundred of dollars. Heck! It's worth thousands. the Screen Recording software alone is worth hundreds to me. But there you were crazy as ever selling this for less than 50 bucks. Thanks Mike for losing your mind, and creating the "The-Best-Deal-Ever.com Package." Now I have every tool that is necessary to developing a practical and profitable web based business."

 Lissa Jannini

"My Sales Increased 187%"

The information contained in this package is the equivalent of a 4 year college course in internet marketing. It covers every aspect necessary to start, grow, promote and maintain a business in cyberspace. Anyone that reads, study and apply the collective wisdom contained herein will achieve outstanding success. Already my sales have increased 187% and all I did was apply one of the ideas I picked up while browsing the first ebook I opened. This truly is the best deal ever! Thanks."

G. Harold
Owner - PCProfits

"I Absolutely Jumped At The Chance When You Offered Me "The Best Deal Ever "

"Hi Mike,
You know I absolutely jumped at the chance when you offered me the " Best Deal Ever " , as I love this type of marketing so thanks , may there be many more - just as
            successful !!

  Philip Booth


"One word Says It All... Phenomenal!"

"Hi Mike!
I just wanted to say that I thought you were kidding when you said it was "The Best Deal Ever". So, I looked, I was so impressed, I bought it. One word says it all, Phenomenal!!!!
Thanks Mike, for a wonderful
             deal on a wonderful product."



All 9 Packages For only  $47.00  (One Time)

Package No.

No. Of Items

Resale Rights

Selling At:




2 of 6





3 of 12















2 of 5




























My volume prices are good for you. Because I wholesale these great packages in huge volume, YOU WIN! You get to retail them as many come with ready made websites. And Carbon-Copy-Marketing teaches you how to make over $5000 per month online.  It is included in this package at no additional charge.

This is a membership site so you do NOT have to download everything all at once. It is laid out so easy so any time you need a tool you just go to the members library and download the product. No more going to the search engines and looking for software and having to pull out you credit card and shell out money, over and over and over! That's why I say it's the last purchase you will ever make!

Click Here If You Want To Review
The Complete Software List

Our 100% Money-Back Double Guarantee

If within 90 days, you do not feel that this is the best offer you can find anywhere on the internet or if you're not satisfied for any reason then I'll refund your purchase price! No questions asked, no hoops to jump through, no funny business. Either you're happy or you get your money back. Period. No hassles, no hard feelings.  But Wait! It gets Better!

You even get to keep all the Bonuses. Over $12,000 value free. I am just so confident that my offer will have you jumping for joy, that is why I can make a guarantee like this.


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I understand that you will add new products and  I will never have to pay one dime ever again!


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New Products are added all the time! 


"Can You Feel The Excitement?"

You are 30 seconds away from making the best purchase you will ever make online.


To Your Future Success,

Mike Filsaime
President and CEO - MikeFilsaime.com, Inc.

P.S. -
Your only risk is NOT ORDERING NOW. We have a 90 day refund policy. And you can make your money back over and over by reselling many of these great items. Since you lock in at this one time price, you can avoid paying the monthly fee that may be starting soon.

ORDER NOW! Take advantage now while this is a One-Time-Payment.  I may be making this a paid monthly membership site soon as I add new products all the time. Once you are an existing member you get the new items at no additional charge and you always have access to the most visited members area on the internet. You will never be charge again to access this site. Not one dime ever!

P.P.S. - "Hello Michael, This is  Christopher Michael from Tips-N-Web-Marketing.com. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to get such a great program with such extraordinary value. I can't say that I've seen that a lot out there. It's nice to see that you're trying to help people. I'd Love to work with you. I am in the process of going thru all of the tools and using the tools,

I want to say one thing about your Carbon-Copy ebook, it's one of the best I've ever read and I am learning a lot form it. I hope I can implement some information and gain more traffic to my site because that is what its all about. Great!"

 Christopher Michael

P.P.P.S. - Each one of the packages sells every day for the amounts listed on the package page. It is no wonder why this package as become the fastest selling of its kind and affiliate sales are making people hundreds of dollars per day. It's a no brainer. Check It Out!




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